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The Power of IT: 3 IT Service Must-Haves


 Having IT is paramount no matter the size of your business. Today, technology affects almost every aspect of operations, from internal and external communication to security of financial data and other proprietary information. When it comes to your business, you need an IT team with the tools and resources to help prevent problems and monitor...

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4 Mac Security Tips All Users Should Know


 Although Apple has marketed its systems as more secure than others, Mac computers can still be at risk. As our lives become more and more digital, the risk of experiencing data theft and other security issues continues to increase. This should alert users to take the proper steps to ensure their Mac security is top-notch. Here are four things...

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Maintain Security With Password Management


Keeping personal and business data secure can be a daunting task, especially when one person could have 50-200 passwords just for business. Combine that with the number of personal passwords, and it can feel overwhelming. As a result, users often practice insecure methods to keep their passwords straight. This could be using the same password acros...

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The Top 7 Benefits of Outsourced IT


​The rapid and continuous evolvement of technology has caused many businesses to question the best way to meet their IT needs. Outsourced IT is a viable option when it comes to selecting your company's IT services. Outsourced IT is the process of hiring workers outside of the organization for all or part of an IT job, rather than conducting all ope...

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6 Tips to Increase Your PC Speed: What The Experts Have To Say


It's frustrating when you're in the middle of something, and your computer is running slowly. Before you start pulling your hair out, check out these quick computer tips that can give your PC speed a boost: Delete all the programs and files you don't use. Did you install programs like Skype or Dropbox and then lose the need for them after a while? ...

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The IoT and 3 Things You Need to Know in 2018


The Internet of Things, also known as "IoT," is the connection of devices to the Internet and/or to each other, and it's set to be one of the biggest trends of 2018. The IoT can include a variety of things such as smart watches, coffee makers, and any other electrical devices with the ability to connect to the Internet. However, it mainly refers to...

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The Cost of Information Technology Management


 As technology evolves, IT services are becoming a necessity for businesses big and small. With information technology management, you get a dedicated team of professionals who solve your problems quickly and efficiently. You may understand all the benefits of managed IT support, but what about the cost? Costs of managed IT services vary based...

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The Equifax Data Breach: 3 Crucial Things to Do Now


In late spring of 2017, hackers gained access to sensitive data from Equifax, one of the three major consumer credit reporting agencies in the U.S. This left approximately 143 million Americans' social security numbers, birth dates, and other personal information exposed. If you have a credit report, you have a higher risk of being among those affe...

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The Importance of Network Security Management at Work


As the number of hackers continues to rise, so does the risk of encountering security threats in your business's network. Network Security is the process of protecting and monitoring a network's usability, data, and integrity from unauthorized use. Keeping your network safe is more complicated than you'd think, involving a complex combination of ha...

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The Cloud: What Is It?


Ever heard an IT person mention the cloud and wondered what they were talking about? We're here to clear things up. The cloud is a term referring to a collection of network servers that each have a different job. Some allow you to store and access information, while others provide online services. The truth is you're already utilizing the cloud if ...

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The Risks of Using Public Wifi


So, you're enjoying some coffee at your local coffee shop casually using the free Wi-Fi to check your bank account. Sounds safe enough, right? Wrong. Although this paints a typical scene for most of us, many are unaware of the dangers lurking in the background of public signals. Because these hotspots are so frequently used, people often connect to...

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What You Need to Know About KRACK Attacks Now


 What is KRACK? KRACK stands for Key Reinstallation Attack and has become a serious problem in the tech world. The KRACK Attack takes advantage of a Wi-Fi network security flaw at homes and businesses. Essentially, the attacker reinstalls your network for their personal access, which remains unnoticed to the user. Doing this enables the attack...

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3 IT Trends Sure to Dominate 2018


Technology never ceases to amaze, especially the newest. As the year is quickly concluding, we've noticed three major tech trends that could significantly improve your business practices in the coming year. These technological solutions are guaranteed to enhance your business's performance and strengthen your connection with your customers through ...

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Tech Websites Worth Following

Four (Other) Websites That Will Keep You Up to Date on Tech One of our goals is to bring business owners and managers easy-to-understand information to help improve their use of technology. Tech is a vast industry with dozens of worthy headlines every day, so it can be difficult to find sources that talk about what you want. Hopefully, our blog pro...

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The Top Ways to Avoid Downloading a Virus


No one wants to deal with a virus that makes a computer slow down, get bombarded with advertisements, or worse yet – leak personal information to some dingy hacker hideout. Thankfully, there are easy steps you can take to ensure a virus isn't invited in to play with your data. Being familiar with some of the most popular ways people's computers get...

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Internet Speeds: Bits, Bytes, and Everything in Between

 How to Read Internet Speeds Which internet connection is better: 1,000,000 Kbps or 125 Mbps? 125,000 KBs or 1 Gbps? Actually, they're all the same. If you're left scratching your head when checking out your ISP's (Internet Service Provider) offerings, take a look below for a primer on internet speeds. Decipher the Digits Internet speeds are c...

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Recruiting With Technology

Bettering Your Recruiting Process With Technology Ever since job postings comfortably found their home on internet job boards, companies have had to figure out how to deal with a massive influx of applicants for jobs they post. While we haven't yet moved past job boards entirely, some technologically advanced companies are also implementing applica...

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Podcasts for the Technologically Inclined


Podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular way to entertain and educate. When music isn't cutting it, tune into these tech podcasts to painlessly–enjoyably, even–buff up your understanding of the state of technology. Maybe you read our post on digital leaders and are ready to become a champion of digital for your business. Maybe you're branching...

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Should Bitcoin be on Your Radar?

It's hard for a week to go by where a news story on bitcoins doesn't find itself in the limelight. Often associated with the speculative dreams of Wall Street investors or savvy programmers, bitcoin is equally relevant for business owners, too. If you've been avoiding looking into bitcoin because it just sounds like a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo...

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Digital Leaders: Are You One of Them?


Is your CEO a champion for digital?Are your business and digital strategies well-communicated enterprise-wide?Do you have a single, multi-year digital enterprise roadmap that includes business processes as well as digital and IT components? These questions are some of the ones you'd have to answer a strong yes to in order to fit in amongst top perf...

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