Industry Experts

At InfoTech Solutions and Services we are technology industry experts. We take the time to research and test new products and processes so you don’t have to. In 2012, InfoTech saw a strategic need in the Central Illinois area to help local businesses understand and relate to the rapid changes in technology.

Since then, we have built the reputation as one of the premier technology consultation companies in the area. Our amazing references will tell you that passion for our job makes us the perfect go-to when making quick technology decisions, or when planning for the future of your business.


In a marketplace full of fixers, the team at InfoTech are innovators who use our knowledge of technology and experience to offer real business solutions. Using our unique and efficient discovery process, InfoTech will evaluate your current business, as well as your goals to determine the best products and processes to achieve success.

The right technology ensures that your business achieves its objectives in the most effective and efficient way possible. When our business understands yours and gets to the heart of what you do and how, we make recommendations that will help you maximize the hours in your day and the staff on your payroll.

Proactive Partners

When you partner with InfoTech, we become your Chief Technology Officer. We provide proactive support that will keep your technology updated, running smoothly, and moving forward as advances become available. Reactive responses to technology issues can be costly both in business downtime and money. Partnering with InfoTech can eliminate unnecessary downtime and lost revenue. Once our discovery process is complete, InfoTech will present you with a custom plan of action that, with our partnership, will ensure you have the best tech for your business so that your team is more effective, productive, and competitive.