We’re a tech company that loves to innovate. We’re dedicated to redefining business IT.

At InfoTech, we were founded on the idea that being a great IT company means that we don’t make IT a priority. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients that allow us to truly understand their needs. Every business is unique, each one using technology in a different way. We take a “technology second” approach with our clients. That means we focus first on building relationships and understanding your business instead of just looking at the tech. What really matters is understanding how your business uses that technology. We endeavor to realize our clients’ goals using technology, not the other way around. We start with the vision for our clients and then mold the right technology solutions after that vision.

InfoTech Technology Success Process

Our process involves 5 key values:

1.  Educational resource – customers rely on us for IT knowledge and continuous education. We are the trusted resource for all things IT.
2.  Day-to-day support – small problems are resolved quickly with our helpdesk and a people-first approach.
3.  Security - CEO peace of mind, don’t have to worry about network threats to their data. InfoTech focuses on prevention and remediates when necessary.
4.  Process improvement – regular meetings to enhance problem solving and productivity
5.  Ongoing technology improvement – we develop a long-term IT plan and budget, determine ROI and customize to meet our clients' goals.

We implement our process in 3 phases.  First, we develop our solution by understanding our clients' vision and future for IT.  We review any current problems and analyze the current systems and cyber security.  Next, we agree on a timetable and document all hardware assets, utilizing our full onboarding process and introducing the client's end users to our helpdesk.  Lastly, we move to our maintenance and growth phase.  Our fully committed helpdesk resolves the day-to-day issues that arise, and we focus on project management and our curation of future technology.

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