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We Start Our Third Year Today

It's hard to believe that we're celebrating our second year in business already. We've grown quite a bit since the transition from ACPC Repair. We've come a long way, but we have so far yet to go. Two years have brought us many changes, but those changes have made us focused. We're dedicated and passionate about what we do, and that's going to shine through to our third year and beyond. Instead of talking about the past, I want to focus on the future. We have now concentrated our services into three different yet very meaningful offerings:

Cloud Services | Managed IT Support | Wireless Solutions

By choosing to focus on these three services and nothing else, we hope to never get lost in a sea of different offerings or lose our identity. Others like us branch out into all kinds of different services, sometimes completely unrelated to IT. When that happens, they abandon their core business and try to be the best at one hundred different things instead of what they're really passionate about. Our vision is to make IT simple. That means only focusing on a few different services and doing those really, really well. If we've learned anything over these two years, it's that our commitment and passion for our work defines who we are. We may not offer every service imaginable, but we are laser focused on what we do offer. We're all-in for our clients, and we love our jobs.

InfoTech's Mission is to empower businesses through the seamless use of technology.

In the future we will focus on our mission even more than we do today. Recently, we've developed new forms of network monitoring, asset tracking, and IP telephony that allow us to provide even more complete Managed IT Support to our clients. We've expanded our Cloud Services offerings and have new ways to manage vast wireless networks in the cloud. We're always innovating and changing the way IT companies do business. We're forging a path that takes us right to the heart of what companies are looking for: a business that makes IT simple to understand and easy to use. We're empowering our clients everyday. It's our mission and it's what we do best.

Our future is bright at InfoTech, but it certainly wouldn't be without a great deal of help from many different people and businesses. First, we want to thank our vendors who supply the products that we use on a daily basis. Second, we want to thank our partners both large and small for adding value and resources to our company. We also want to thank our team for their passion and dedication to our business. We all love Mondays and that's pretty rare. And last but certainly not least, we want to thank our clients! Without your business, we wouldn't be here at all. It has been an absolute pleasure to serve you for the past two years, and we look forward to many more to come!

Weston Berchtold

Vice President 

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