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Outsourcing Can Be Good!

We hear the word 'outsourcing' a lot in the news these days. Many companies are moving their manufacturing or customer support services overseas in search of cheaper labor. Some people view that as a bad thing and perhaps it is but outsourcing in your business can be a very good thing. It also doesn't mean that you have to move overseas! Outsourcing can save your business a lot of money and it can be done with companies right here in the United States. Many of them may be right in your own hometown.

Outsourcing is defined as a practice used by different companies to reduce costs by transferring portions of work to outside suppliers rather than completing it internally. This can mean a lot of different things for different businesses. Here at InfoTech though, we specialize in outsourced IT support for businesses in the central Illinois area. What does that mean?

In our business, we take the burden and expense out of traditional IT support by outsourcing it to our business. We take care of your network, servers, and computers just like onsite IT staff but we're much more affordable and flexible. Instead of dealing with the headache of hiring on technicians in a field that you yourself don't understand well, you can trust InfoTech with taking care of your employees and equipment. We have years of experience behind us and work with many great partners in the area to ensure that you receive the very best service. Our goal is to be as close to having full-time technicians as we can. That means never limiting our support hours or charging you more for onsite calls. It means that we will make an effort to connect with your staff and not just the computers. It means you'll get honest and upfront answers because when we're not charging for extra work, it's also in our best interest to do things right the first time.

At InfoTech, outsourcing is a good thing! When you call, you'll get a real person every single time to answer your questions. No automated phone tree support and no technicians that are unhelpful or hard to understand. You'll be immediately connected to someone who can help you right away. We understand how important your technology is so it's very important to us that you get help right away. Because we want to be as close to full-time employees as we can, InfoTech doesn't just fix problems. We're your IT department so we're always happy to explore new options or services for your business. Whether you're thinking about using Office365 or maybe installing a wireless network in your business, InfoTech is your partner for all things technology. We'll go above and beyond simple problem solving by helping you become more efficient and to use technology to your advantage.

So for those of you who may be considering IT support for your business or know someone who is, give us a call first. We can develop a plan for your company that may just convince you how beneficial real outsourcing can be.

Weston Berchtold

Vice President 

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