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How to Choose the Right Spam Filter for Your Business


Spam is defined as irrelevant or inappropriate messages distributed through the Internet to a large number of recipients. Unfortunately, what was once a small-scale nuisance has now evolved into widespread criminal activity. Today's spam can take many forms, from phishing emails disguised as official-looking bank communications to advance-fee scams designed to deceive email users into donating funds to a false cause.

Most of us can identify a spam message in our inbox. However, some of these emails can appear much more legitimate. It only takes one click to unleash a harmful virus, as many spam emails can deliver various file attachments and links containing malware. This is why choosing the right spam filter is a critical aspect of your business.

Using a spam filter can eliminate the amount of junk mail that can crowd your inbox, saving you and your employees valuable time. When searching for the right fit for your company, make sure your spam filter is:

1. Reliable

The best filters can block spam through multiple capabilities. They examine sender authentication and the age of IP addresses and domains. They also utilizing black and whitelisting techniques and community-based filtering, incorporating a variety of sensitivity and quarantine settings. There is a lot of software out there that claims to be great but doesn't perform. Always check with your IT company and read reviews before making any final decisions.

2. Adaptable

A high level of digital protection is a necessity for all businesses, so it's beneficial to have a spam filter that is equipped for the job. It needs to be tough enough to adequately protect multiple accounts from all types of invasive emails by adapting to each user's email habits.

3. Customizable

The best spam filters can be tailored to not only your company's specific needs but also the needs of each user. All users should be able to edit existing rule settings and create rules that work well for them.

4. Compatible

Your filter must be compatible with your current email or webmail service provider, or else it will not function properly. Ensure that your filter of choice is acceptable before making your selection.

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