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Dividing Digitization to Fit it Into Your Business

"Transform, or be transformed" was the motto of the 2015 CEO2CEO Summitcentered around digital transformation. Stephen Hoover, CEO of Xerox's PARC research division, noted that in order to make digital transformation more manageable, enterprises should think about the potential for digitization in the five key areas below.

We think Mr. Hoover should've added that another way to make digitization more manageable, especially for small and mid sized businesses, is outsourced IT management. If you like to think about your business divided into the five areas he mentioned, let us help. There's a lot we can do to be of assistance as your company continues its digital transformation.

Digitization via Outsourcing in Five Key Areas

  • Interactions with customers:While this is primarily not the job of an IT team, we are pleased to provide frameworks that make this process easier. It's likely that your existing and potential customers spend time on your website, where we can make sure server response time is hitting top speeds to keep customer satisfaction at a maximum. We could also help your team implement CRM software, a serious asset for consistently positive customer interactions.
  • Communication with employees:As we put our skills to work regulating maintenance and ensuring effective functioning of hardware, software, and network performance, your employees can communicate across apps and email with confidence. We can also help ease employees into digital changes by providing the necessary support and training.
  • Product design:While we've never claimed to be UX or design experts, we're happy to build foundations that support the innovative work being done by your business. We keep your next big thing secure by providing primary backups on site and secondary backups online. We can ensure that your environment is ready for a new app by providing enough space and processing power, and, if it's an app for internal use, see #2 in regards to implementation via necessary training.
  • Back office operations:This is the most common area where businesses look to outsourced IT support. From the offset, we update security methods, virus and firewall protection, and virtualize hardware. We'll prep your network for successful disaster data recovery, and we'll ensure you're always in the clear with licensing.
  • Business model:Our IT overview and budget information meetings at the beginning of service, as well as our five-year contracts, are designed so that we make sure we're playing into your ideal business model. We schedule out as many components as possible, enabling our clients to anticipate things like hardware refreshing and licensing costs as well as downtime and maintenance in advance. If there is anything we are proud of, it's our ability to assist in making digitization a cornerstone of your business model.
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