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Being a Tech Savvy Leader Could Save Your Company

Nicole Haggerty; On Becoming an IT Savvy CEO; Ivey Business Journal As a leader in your company, you don't necessarily need to know how to store things in the cloud, but you should probably know why it's useful. You don't need to be able to perform the IT tasks critical for your company's survival, but you should be tech savvy enough to know what p...

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What Everyone Should Know About Virtualization

If you've been a part of any meetings with us, you've probably heard us talk about server virtualization. And like many things in the IT world, this important process is impossible to physically see. Because its elusiveness within the physical world can be frustrating when trying to understand it, we want to share some of the efficiencies and capab...

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The 3 C’s For a Longer Life

We're going to take it back to the basics today. In our work, we're fairly consistently replacing end of life hardware. It's never very fun to have to replace something that's worked well for most of its life. Technology equipment is expensive, and we want yours to last as long as possible. So let's talk about three simple ways to add years to your...

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Become a Password Pro


In one of our latest blog posts, we talked briefly about business apps that will keep you moving forward in today's mobile environment. One of our very favorites (although not necessarily mobile) is LastPass, a brilliant modern solution to a problem that has been around since the dawn of the digital age: remembering all your passwords. Personal tec...

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Self-Sufficiency in IT or How to Run a Marathon


Why instant gratification isn't always the answer There's a lot of desire out there for quick results, and a lot of pressure as a service company to offer instant satisfaction. Current problems are real and important, but something is lost when all the focus of a transaction is on the here and now. IT companies that focus too much on instant implem...

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Adapting to a Mobile World


As a business of any size, there's a constant necessity to adapt. And in today's world, adaptation doesn't happen without implementation of mobile solutions. #3 on SMB Group's list of Top 10 Technology Trends for 2015 focuses on how SMBs are recalibrating strategy and spending for a mobile world. The amount of mobile business apps used regularly in...

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Getting the Most Out of Your Technology

In a short TED talk that shares 10 timesaving technology tips, David Pogue hints at two basic points: 1) people want their technology to be intuitive and 2) people don't want to spend time reading manuals. Pogue is the personal technology columnist for the New York Times and a tech correspondent for CBS news. He wants to help others free up sacred ...

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How to Survive a Microsoft Audit

Recently, we held a budget consultation meeting with a good client of ours. During the meeting, we spent some time discussing the pros and cons of User CALs vs. Device CALs. Afterward, we realized many companies likely have the same questions that led to that fruitful discussion. Today, we want to share some insight to demystify CALs and help your ...

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How Hybrid Clouds are Helping SMBs Store Data Effectively

You are a medium sized business owner. You need peace of mind that your company's data is securely backed up. You own servers that you know work, but you need more storage space. You know having some data stored in a cloud would be a cost-effective solution, but are worried about security. You're also nervous about the lack of control you'd have in...

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Why We Made Our Websites More Secure

As a small tech company that doesn't use login credentials or credit card info on our site, we took a step outside the expectations box. Most websites that aren't in the eCommerce biz aren't required to have an SSL, but we know how important a secure web connection is to our customers. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It's the standard technolo...

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