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Should Bitcoin be on Your Radar?

It's hard for a week to go by where a news story on bitcoins doesn't find itself in the limelight. Often associated with the speculative dreams of Wall Street investors or savvy programmers, bitcoin is equally relevant for business owners, too. If you've been avoiding looking into bitcoin because it just sounds like a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo...

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Digital Leaders: Are You One of Them?


Is your CEO a champion for digital?Are your business and digital strategies well-communicated enterprise-wide?Do you have a single, multi-year digital enterprise roadmap that includes business processes as well as digital and IT components? These questions are some of the ones you'd have to answer a strong yes to in order to fit in amongst top perf...

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Technology: It's a Means, Not an End


Technology Comes Second Stick with us while we explain what we mean when we say we see technology as a means to an end. We've been talking a little about Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) lately. While we promote the benefits of CRM in its ability to automate and store things like online orders and conversations with customers, we wan...

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Dividing Digitization to Fit it Into Your Business

"Transform, or be transformed" was the motto of the 2015 CEO2CEO Summitcentered around digital transformation. Stephen Hoover, CEO of Xerox's PARC research division, noted that in order to make digital transformation more manageable, enterprises should think about the potential for digitization in the five key areas below. We think Mr. Hoover shoul...

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CRM Software Keeps Customers Happy


 For many–if not most–companies, the bottom line is about customers. Customers bring in profit, and when they feel ignored or under-valued, it's bad for business. That's why customer relationship management (CRM) software is some businesses' most valuable asset. CRM software uses a dashboard, along with analytics and reporting tools, to accumu...

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How to Avoid a Data Breach in the Internet of Things


​No one is too surprised anymore when another big company makes headlines for a data breach. With the quickly evolving connectivity and growing amount of shared data brought by the Internet of Things, data breaches will most likely become even more prevalent. Employees access data and share information more than ever before, making data more releva...

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Internet of Things: Business Applications


What if you had access to devices that essentially got rid of bottlenecks altogether while providing you with valuable data and solutions without even having to ask? That's the near future we're looking at with the Internet of Things. Smart businesses are always searching for ways to boost productivity, run more efficiently, and get better at commu...

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What You Need to Know About the Internet of Things

​The "Internet of Things" (IoT) is a complex concept with more real world implications each day. It's a huge topic—the mere depth of which the tech world is still uncovering. But it is undeniably part of a proactive company's conversations about what to look out for on the tech radar. This post is going to focus on what exactly the Internet of Thin...

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Need for Speed: Slow Web Server Response Time and What to do About it

Server response time is the time it takes your web server to respond to any web browser's request. We can look at everything that happens in an Internet minute to understand the importance of speed when it comes to you website: If your web server response time is slow, you may end up with current or future customers wondering why your website is wa...

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Inbox Zero: Real or False Progress?


There are two types of people in the world: those who have 5,000 emails in their inbox and those who don't. Which camp are you in? And what drives people to be one way or the other? Is clearing out your inbox real or feigned progress? It feels productive to many, but it could just be distracting you from the actual productive thing you were doing b...

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