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Machine Learning: Why It Matters


"Computers are able to see, hear, and learn. Welcome to the future." - Dave Waters Have you heard the term machine learning floating around lately? That's probably because it's one of the top technology buzzwords of 2019. Although the idea has been around for a while, the evolution of machine learning has gained more momentum in the past few years....

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Top 5 Internet Security Threats


New internet security threats are emerging and evolving daily. That's why it's critical to stay one step ahead of the next cyber scheme. Here are a few of the most common threats of 2019: 1. Phishing AttacksPhishing is the fraudulent practice of communication through seemingly reputable means to persuade users to reveal sensitive information. And t...

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9 Tips to Improve Your Password Security


‚ÄčThe digital world can be a scary place, with hackers waiting to pounce on every screen. Although there have been recent advances in password authentication technologies, sometimes users still must utilize traditional passwords in order to log into their accounts. So, how can you make sure your passwords are the best they can be to ensure your priv...

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5 Reasons You Should Use the Cloud


Did you pick up your cellphone or check your email today? Each time, you used the cloud. It's such a common occurrence you don't even think about it! Many organizations are moving toward cloud computing and away from physical servers with the expectation that it will help their business. And it can! There are many benefits to utilizing the clo...

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Improve Cost-Effectiveness Using Big Data


Big data is essentially large sets of data that can be digitally analyzed to discover patterns, correlations, and other valuable insights. It's also an extremely important tool that all businesses should be using, which can lead to deeper insight, increased speed and efficiency, stronger cyber security, and cost reduction for companies large and sm...

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The Importance of Keeping Up with Technology


It's critical for small businesses to stay ahead of the game when it comes to technology. However, a surprising amount of business owners feel it isn't a topic of concern. A recent survey found that only 35% of almost 700 small business owners stated that being updated on current technology trends was important. Stay Updated, Not Outdated There are...

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3 Christmas Scams to Avoid


 It's the most wonderful time of year and also the most dangerous when it comes to scams. As online shopping continues to increase, more and more virtual thieves are on the prowl. The Better Business Bureau urges consumers to watch out for scammers looking to steal your money and private information. Don't let pesky scammers steal your holiday...

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How to Choose the Right Spam Filter for Your Business


Spam is defined as irrelevant or inappropriate messages distributed through the Internet to a large number of recipients. Unfortunately, what was once a small-scale nuisance has now evolved into widespread criminal activity. Today's spam can take many forms, from phishing emails disguised as official-looking bank communications to advance-fee scams...

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The Importance of Big Data Analytics


Businesses are collecting more customer and operational data than ever before, and it will only continue to increase. Big data refers to large sets of information that can be digitally analyzed to discover patterns, correlations, and other valuable insights. Although possessing large amounts of information is essential for company success, it is qu...

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How to Prevent Phishing Attacks


Phishing is the fraudulent practice of communication with users through seemingly reputable companies to persuade them to reveal sensitive information such as credit card numbers, passwords, etc. Phishing attacks are one of the most common security threats to businesses, and hackers are using emails, social media, phone calls, and any other form of...

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