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What is VoIP and Should You Be Using it?


Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is swiftly becoming a leading communications choice for small businesses across the US. Last year, there was a 21% increase in VoIP users according to the FCC, upping the number of US subscribers to over 30 million.

So why are more businesses choosing VoIP over traditional telecom providers? Here are some of the reasons we think VoIP is proving itself to be a leader in telecommunication.

Better remote support
Less physical hardware means less service visits from technicians who always show up late. VoIP vendors are next-generation providers with up-to-date technology that can adapt more quickly to market changes than the current phone company model. When problems do arise, support is web based or over the phone, allowing for fast fixes and less downtime.

Employee friendly
VoIP's cutting edge functionality comes with a user interface that is easy to learn and understand. Your new employees are web savvy. Learning the ins and outs of an outdated desk phone can be frustrating. VoIP eliminates that unnecessary learning curve and allows employees to communicate through devices they already know how to use.

Access everywhere
Download call data, change message alerts, and listen to voicemails anywhere you can get online. VoIP also works seamlessly across zip codes, so employees can be located virtually anywhere and be connected to the same phone system.

Increased savings
VoIP pay-as-you-go models are low-risk with no hidden fees. While initial installment of a VoIP system will range depending on the size of your business, monthly payments will be drastically less than a traditional service.
The increased flexibility of a VoIP setup may be ideal for your company, offering you one more way to remain on the cutting-edge while saving a chunk of change. Give us a call today to get an expert opinion on whether VoIP is right for your business.

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