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Top 5 Internet Security Threats


New internet security threats are emerging and evolving daily. That's why it's critical to stay one step ahead of the next cyber scheme. Here are a few of the most common threats of 2019:

1. Phishing Attacks
Phishing is the fraudulent practice of communication through seemingly reputable means to persuade users to reveal sensitive information. And they aren't just limited to email! They can take on many forms, such as text messages, phone calls, social media chats, and quizzes, etc.

2. Unprotected IoT Devices
The Internet of Things has been a steady trend since 2018, and with connectivity comes more serious security risks. Companies have added more of these devices to their infrastructure; however, now they must determine how to manage and update them regularly to ensure they are secure.

3. Ransomware
Ransomware is a type of malicious software, usually distributed through emails, that purposely blocks access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid. In the event that the money is not paid, this software can corrupt or permanently delete the victim's files.

4. Cryptojacking
This attack involves the secret hijacking of your device in order to mine cryptocurrencies. Cryptojacking often crashes applications and can severely damage hardware. These days, this attack doesn't even require a download, just a quick browse on a malicious website.

5. Cloud Cyber Threats
We've all witnessed the steady incline of cloud computing technology within the past few years. It's transformed the way we conduct business but has also provided hackers with a new playing ground with vulnerabilities from different types of cloud malware

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