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The Daunting Cost of Downtime

We're no strangers to the exasperated look on an accountant's face when we meet to discuss a long-term budget. If spreadsheets could kill, one describing a 5-year IT budget might. We know what people think about IT. We know the questions people ask when faced with making long-term IT decisions.

  • Why am I spending so much money on something I'll never actually see?
  • Why would I pay for a service my IT company says I need when I've never had it before and haven't been burned?
  • Why should I spend time or money worrying about Microsoft licensing when I've never met a single person who got in trouble for being out of compliance?

The answers, though varied and detailed, lie in the avoidance of one common enemy: downtime.
What would it cost your company to face 2 hours of downtime due to data loss or an outage? What about 8 hours? How about 2 full days?
Chances are, you're cringing just thinking about it.

What's the Opposite of Downtime? Great Managed IT Services.

The cost of IT, which can be unexpectedly high when zoomed out into a 5-year budget, is the cost of managing the risk of downtime. If you're spending your money correctly—and that's what we're here to make sure of—you'll never have to deal with dreaded downtime. You'll be able to trust that your servers, your workstations, and your data are safe. And you'll be able to get on with the work you've set out to do. 


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