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The Cost of Information Technology Management


 As technology evolves, IT services are becoming a necessity for businesses big and small. With information technology management, you get a dedicated team of professionals who solve your problems quickly and efficiently. You may understand all the benefits of managed IT support, but what about the cost?

Costs of managed IT services vary based on the provider's experience level and amount of services offered. It's important to recognize your business's goals and then match your technology needs accordingly.

There are a variety of pricing plans for Managed IT services, including per user, per device, tiered, and "all-you-can-eat". However, many companies utilize the per-user plan, in which the customer is charged a flat monthly fee with the additional users increasing the cost. In this plan, customers know exactly what's coming when they receive their bill because the price is directly related to the growth of their business. Most enjoy this pricing plan because they are simply paying for what they need without the worry of receiving an expensive surprise.

Reactive vs. Proactive Customer Service Models: What's the Difference?

It's good to know the difference between reactive and proactive IT models because it can impact the price you pay later.

In reactive IT models, professionals are on standby, responding to service calls and fixing issues immediately as they arise. It's a break/fix type of service, requiring systems to fail before problems are solved. However, just one outage can cause you thousands of dollars in damage. You also lose productivity when your systems are down, which can ultimately lead to a loss of business.

In proactive customer service models, the providers are always anticipating issues and strategically planning solutions through constant monitoring of your systems. This preventative thinking gives providers the upper hand when it comes to solving problems quickly. It also lessens the likelihood of outages and other technical disasters, saving business both time and money. 

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