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The Best Place for Redundancy is IT

How do you eradicate the phrase "network downtime?" Redundancy.

Now more than ever, business is a round-the-clock operation. To keep things up and running 24/7, redundancy in IT is a must.

A network should be like a well-organized public transportation system. Buses and trains run consistently unless they are stopped for scheduled or unforeseen maintenance. Scheduled maintenance shouldn't disrupt users. If one bus needs to spend a day in the garage, another bus takes its place. Scheduled maintenance should also ensure that unforeseen malfunctions never happen. But if they do, another bus in the fleet takes over, keeping the system up and running.

Passengers should never be left stranded, waiting for a bus that never comes. In the same way, network users should have reliable access to programs, servers, and functions of the network. If a server is being updated or backed up, a virtual server with the same applications should be accessible.

The goal of redundancy is to increase points of failure. If a single point of failure fails you, there's nowhere to go but downtime. If one point fails but another point is safe, redundancy wins and operations continue as planned.

Are All Points of Failure Created Equal?

Every company and network is unique. Often, IT teams protect all data the same way. This can be detrimental. Unclear business goals coupled with a standardized backup plan result in costly and inefficient IT practices. Not all applications are important enough to replicate remotely or require frequent updates. Replicating and refreshing all of a company's applications the same way will use much more bandwidth than necessary.

We know that analysis and testing are key to implementing proper points of failure. After stabilizing the IT environment of companies we work with, we look for areas we can improve redundancy. We design a system that will operate with the least amount of downtime with each company in mind.

For Example…

We often iterate the importance of Veeam software in managing VMware or Hyper-V virtual environments. To the untrained eye, Veeam seems like an unnecessary expense. Virtual servers are in essence already practicing redundancy, right? But Veeam accounts for human errors. It allows us to proactively diagnose and troubleshoot performance across virtual environments. Veeam adds another point of failure making an IT structure even more secure.

Downtime is the shared enemy of IT and an enterprise's operations. Let's work together so network downtime becomes less and less of a possibility for your company. 

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