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The Benefits of Being Proactive

Let's face it, there are a lot of IT companies out there. They're all around, whether it's a kid in his parents' basement (which is where I started) or a multimillion dollar corporation that covers the entire country; there are a lot of companies who do pretty much the same thing. They offer business IT and network support to businesses large and small as well as consulting. So why did Jimmy and I decide to get into the IT field? Why did we decide to jump in to an industry that was already dominated by other players? Well the answer is simple: We believe that we can look at IT support and consulting differently than other companies. We can approach a business model that has been going strong for years and say, "Let's do that differently."

This concept is what separates us from most IT firms. We focus on being a proactive company rather than a reactive one. Most IT support firms work on a reactive based approach. If you have something go wrong with your network, they'll come and fix it. If a computer goes down or a server becomes corrupted, most companies will be onsite soon and be able to remedy the problem. Our approach is different though. We focus on attacking potential problems before they happen. We not only want to respond to any issues as quickly and professionally as we can but our goal is to prevent problems from happening in the first place. We can accomplish that goal in a variety of ways.

First, we stay in contact with our monthly small business clients. We talk to some business owners who say that they never hear from their IT company unless there is a problem and when there's a problem, the IT company is hard to get in touch with. We're different. We stay in touch with our clients at least as often as once a month but usually much more than that. We pride ourselves on being easy to talk to and get in touch with. We don't have an automated phone system or force you to wait hours for support. A human always answers your calls, and our staff is always ready to serve.

Secondly, InfoTech warns our clients of a possible problem before it happens and takes steps to fix it. Whether it's an old server or backup software that isn't running correctly, technology has a way of breaking on us. We keep our clients updated on the latest technology and solutions to ensure that we keep the surprises to a minimum. No company can keep all problems from happening, but we do our best to prevent those that are avoidable.

Lastly, InfoTech is always looking to improve our clients lives. Some companies see that a business is functioning and leave it at that. InfoTech looks at new technology or new ways of doing things constantly to see if there is a better option out there for our clients. We're not satisfied to have something just work. We want a business to work great. We want our users to have an amazing experience using the technology that is supported by us.

So if you don't have an IT support or consulting company working for you yet, or if you have a company who is only reactive, we would love to hear from you! Your business can do more than just function. Your staff can do more than just "get by" with the technology that you have. Give us a call or shoot us an email. Our friendly staff and professional service will ensure that you never think about an IT company the same way again.

Weston Berchtold

Vice President 

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