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The 3 C’s For a Longer Life

We're going to take it back to the basics today. In our work, we're fairly consistently replacing end of life hardware. It's never very fun to have to replace something that's worked well for most of its life. Technology equipment is expensive, and we want yours to last as long as possible. So let's talk about three simple ways to add years to your computers' lives. These rules are simple, but often forgotten or skimped on. Keeping your computer clean, cool, and current are the simplest ways to expand its lifespan.

1. Keep it clean.

Computers take in cool air to work. Along with that comes dust and debris. Use compressed air to clean out your computer fans and inner components about twice a year. Never use a vacuum! Avoid using window cleaner on your screen, as the ammonia will make it dull. Screen cleaners are best. Make sure to unplug computers from any power cords when cleaning the inside components. Here's a good step by step guide for keeping your computer's cleanliness in tip top shape.

2. Keep it cool.

Computers are already heating up just to keep up with the work they have to do. Don't add to the heat by keeping them in the sun. Try to keep computers in a cool area and avoid direct sunlight. Keep the area around the computer clear; don't obstruct the space near a computer's fans.

3. Keep it current.

Updates are crucial to keep your computer's system running smoothly. Even though it's annoying that update reminders always seem to pop up when you're in the middle of something else, you really need to find time to run them. Set an update alert for ten minutes before you take a lunch break or at 4:45pm on a Friday afternoon, so you won't have an excuse not to follow through. Even if your computer seems to be running fine, software updates are one of the most crucial things you can do to extend your product's life. They often come with security vulnerability and bug fixes along with simple software enhancements that will make things run more efficiently in the future.

Clean, Cool, and Current. It's as easy as that. 

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