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Tech Websites Worth Following

Four (Other) Websites That Will Keep You Up to Date on Tech

One of our goals is to bring business owners and managers easy-to-understand information to help improve their use of technology. Tech is a vast industry with dozens of worthy headlines every day, so it can be difficult to find sources that talk about what you want. Hopefully, our blog provides some useful information for you. But for the myriad of topics we don't cover, there are tons of other great websites out there.

If you've got a bigger appetite for other sectors of the tech industry, take a look at the list of tech blogs below.

For a Mix of Entertainment, News, and Trends in Innovation

TechCrunch –

TechCrunch has a close relationship and high status among entrepreneurs, focusing its stories on developments in technology. Its main focus is the startup environment. However, they also break stories on tech news, and profile CEOs, new gadgets, and politicians.

For Reviews of Products and Reliable Software Downloads

CNET is known for its wealth of reviews that cover digital products, both devices and software. Its editorial reviews, intuitive videos, and community of amateur reviews will help you make informed decisions when making tech purchases. On top of that, CNET rounds out its offering with news and analysis for digital enthusiasts.

For No-Nonsense Developments in Tech Policy and News

Ars Technica –

Unlike other websites, Ars Technica has sworn away the modern marketing techniques of clickbait headlines and flashy GIF images. The name of the website is derived from the Latin phrase, "the art of technology." The company's team of journalists and editors seek to provide quality analysis of how technology is changing from entrepreneurial, political, and social perspectives.

For Those Looking for Answers to Tricky IT Problems

Stack Exchange –

Stack Exchange is a collaboratively run website that allows programmers and IT aficionados to swap questions and answers on specific topics. Not a space for the casual passerby, Stack Exchange may seem intimidating for those looking for some general news and trends. Originally founded to serve programmers, the website has evolved to include areas for information security and web development. However, it's a perfect resource for expert opinions on a variety of tech issues – if you know what you're looking for.

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