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Should you be Frightened by your IT Company?

With Halloween upon us, our mind's tend to drift toward things that frighten us. The holiday focused on fear conjures up all kinds of images of monsters, vampires, zombies, and other ghouls but what about your IT provider? Let me tell you what would scare me about an IT company, or any tech company for that matter.

An IT provider would really frighten me if they are more focused on the technology hardware and software rather than on your business. Why would that give me goosebumps? Well for starters, that means that your IT company is missing the big picture. They're looking at your servers, network, computers, etc. and only seeing them for what they are: pieces of hardware. They don't really look at what they're being used for. That should terrify you because the company you pay to guide your business through the challenges and potentials of technology cares more about that server sitting in your rack than they do about the goals and dreams for your business. When an IT provider only looks at the physical technology, they aren't focused on your business.

For some reason, a lot of managed IT providers only talk about the tech. They'll tell you about Hyper-threaded CPU's, RAM, redundant RAID controllers, Gigabit POE switches.. blah blah blah. You get a bunch of tech jargon but no real answers on how to use that technology to meet your goals.

InfoTech wants to make the business of IT support radically simple and incredibly powerful. Instead dropping a bunch of tech terms on you and reasoning why 32GB of RAM is better than 16, we're building a relationship with your business and working to mold our service after your goals. We're always available for questions, problems, and concerns. You'll get responses in minutes instead of hours or days. You also won't ever talk to the "typical" IT guy. You know, the one who makes everything seem like your fault? The guy who will only speak to you if asked a question? Yeah, we didn't hire him. Our team consists only of friendly, dedicated, and passionate people who love to help and have fun doing it. You'll work with a company who is innovating daily on what it means to be a managed IT provider. You'll work with a company who finally puts your goals ahead of technology.

So if your IT provider is starting to sound as scary as some of the costumes or movies you'll see tonight, we would love to show you what radically simple and powerful IT looks like.

Weston Berchtold

Vice President 

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