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Self-Sufficiency in IT or How to Run a Marathon


Why instant gratification isn't always the answer

There's a lot of desire out there for quick results, and a lot of pressure as a service company to offer instant satisfaction. Current problems are real and important, but something is lost when all the focus of a transaction is on the here and now. IT companies that focus too much on instant implementations for quick and easy results are missing the point. Whether purposeful or not, these companies are involved in a kind of trickery that makes the consumer believe their problems are fixed when in reality, their problems are just being delayed.

Let's say you're a self-proclaimed couch potato but you've decided you want to run a marathon. First step? Hire someone to help you train. There are two types of trainers:

  1. Trainer 1 meets with you to give you a diet and workout plan, and gives you a demonstration on how to correctly do the exercises. He says to call as questions arise.
  2. Trainer 2 meets with you once a week, pushing your body to reach its highest performance potential. She helps you change one bad habit each week, until you are able to function in a healthy way on your own.

If you choose trainer 1, you're sure to stumble through the plans until race day, where you'll feel nervous, lost, and weak. Trainer 2 will work with you every step of the way, building your confidence until you are able to successfully complete the race on your own.

It's a pretty obvious choice, isn't it?

Why choosing and IT company is like choosing a personal trainer

At InfoTech, we work to be like trainer 2. We pride ourselves in consulting for the long term, and not just if the long term includes us. We want to be your personal trainer, getting you ready for the time when you can run the race without us if you need to. Maybe a year from now, you'll want to scale back to trainer 1, or introduce trainer 3 to the equation. You know you'll be able to because we stuck with you and prepared you to be self-sufficient. On top of that, we'll work with trainer 1 or 3 in the transition to be sure they're familiar with your strategies.

Success isn't reached after one consultation or after one instant fix. Success is a long-term thing that depends on deepening relationships, recalibrating for new and different goals, and being proactive about approaching problems. We want to correct major IT issues and stabilize IT systems, but we want to do it in a way that lasts. You services and hardware should not rely on your IT company. We never own your information for the same reason we never lease equipment. We want to help you understand how your IT works so that you always have an easy exit after achieving self-sufficiency.

What does self-sufficiency in IT look like?

You don't have to be an expert to be self-sufficient. If your IT company left, would you know where to find passwords to all your workstations, how to update software licenses, and how to login to your server? Do you know where everything is documented so another IT person could get started? If the answer is no, your IT company is not helping you operate at your fullest potential. If your IT company is not checking in like trainer 2, consistently offering ideas for improvement, they are taking you for a fool. If your IT company isn't around until a problem arises, they are hoping their quick fixes will disguise their lack of real commitment to your success.

Don't let being a couch potato stop you from running a marathon. Get a trainer who supports you and pushes you. Be in control and work towards reaching your highest potential. Become self-sufficient. We can help.

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