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Recruiting With Technology

Bettering Your Recruiting Process With Technology

Ever since job postings comfortably found their home on internet job boards, companies have had to figure out how to deal with a massive influx of applicants for jobs they post. While we haven't yet moved past job boards entirely, some technologically advanced companies are also implementing applicant outreach and tracking software as a foundational part of the recruiting process. But you don't have to go that far to effectively use technology in hiring and recruiting. Simply understanding how best to use social media and video meeting technology can go a long way.

Social Media

Maybe this goes without saying, but sharing job postings on social media sites has the potential to increase your candidate pool exponentially. In fact, Facebook is home to the world's largest online talent pool. Sure, not everyone on Facebook is looking for a job, but most of them know someone who is. So give them an incentive to spread the word. Run a contest that promotes sharing your post, or find a funny viral way to share your job-opening announcement. Upping your social media presence is a surefire way to reach more people with relevant skills without implementing a recruiting software program.

Video Conferencing

No company, no matter the size, should miss out on qualified candidates because they aren't able to be in the same geographic location for an interview. Go To Meeting, Google Hangouts, Skype, and IMB Sametime are just a few of the many video meeting tools available. If you're not already using something like this for some aspect of your business, whether it be interviewing new hires or meetings with remote workers, it will open up a world of opportunity.

Recruiting Software

For companies wanting a comprehensive recruitment management solution, software may be the answer. Many software options have been developed that assist companies in locating high-quality talent in a cost-effective way. Before choosing one, it's important to map out your existing hiring process. Who is involved? What is each step? Where are the pain points, the bottlenecks? Where are the gaps in your current process that could be filled with software? (By the way, this is the kind of goal-first process you should be taking before implementing any big technological shifts.)

Business News Daily searched for the best recruiting software based on affordability, ease of use, and key features. They found Workable to be the best option for small businesses. Here's the list of other software they tested.

It's important to remember that software solutions that weed out candidates who don't fit the bill may have imperfect algorithms that focus solely on keywords or number of years of experience. As search technology gets smarter, so will this process. The goal would be software that doesn't make judgments solely on a number of keywords, but by finding diverse ways to judge skill, work ethic, and drive. Predicting success in a given roll based on a minimum amount of data is, believe it or not, still difficult for computers. We encourage you to explore digitizing your recruiting process in whatever ways work for you while holding on to the significance of the human element. 

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