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Podcasts for the Technologically Inclined


Podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular way to entertain and educate. When music isn't cutting it, tune into these tech podcasts to painlessly–enjoyably, even–buff up your understanding of the state of technology.

Maybe you read our post on digital leaders and are ready to become a champion of digital for your business. Maybe you're branching out on your own and need to develop your foundational tech know-how. Or maybe you're an old-fashioned tech geek looking for a new source of entertainment. Whatever your motives, these podcasts are favorites in the tech world.

Six Tech Podcasts Worth the ListenTech Tent

Lively and written for the layman, Tech Tent is a weekly update from the BBC World Service. It is chock-full of global trends, analyses, and fascinating interviews.

All Tech Considered

NPR explores how technology is changing culture and connection in this program. With a series of unique, short recordings, listeners can queue up a selection of interesting snippets, or just play one when you have a few minutes to kill.

Ted Talks Technology

A compilation of tech-related TED talks, this series highlights industry breakthroughs and inventive ideas. Keeping with the TED format, these podcasts are all under 18 minutes, perfect for your drive to work.


For those of you who enjoy more of a human element, this podcast discusses the good and bad ways technology and digital devices affects our lives.

Back to Work

This one veers away from a strict technology focus sometimes, but is great for considering work-related trends. Listen in to explore productivity and communication tools, workflow, barriers to work, and more.

Tech Talker

These short episodes are packed with useful information for the tech-junkie and tech-illiterate alike. Learn things like which gadgets you can afford to buy cheaply, how to reduce mobile data usage, and which internet browser to use when. 

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