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Maintain Security With Password Management


Keeping personal and business data secure can be a daunting task, especially when one person could have 50-200 passwords just for business. Combine that with the number of personal passwords, and it can feel overwhelming. As a result, users often practice insecure methods to keep their passwords straight. This could be using the same password across many services, writing down passwords and keeping them next to the computer or in an easily accessible place, or using easily guessed and common passwords. It's impossible for humans to practice perfect security, but with the help of technology, you can rest assured that your data is safe.

Password Management is the Safest Solution

A solution to this ever-present security issue is password management using encryption software. Utilizing this software allows individuals to remember just one, secure password. The rest of the passwords can be long, complicated, and unique, making them nearly impossible to guess. If an attacker somehow does gain access to an account, they'll only reach one, leaving all other accounts untouched.

As an added safety measure, login information is guarded by multi-factor authentication, which requires two things: something you know and something you have. When you type your username and password (something you know), the software automatically sends a command to your phone (something you have). You then must have access to the phone to confirm that you are the one trying to log in. This method ultimately improves account security by preventing attackers from breaking in.

Strengthen and Protect Your Passwords Today

Having a secure password is crucial for both personal and business purposes, with password length being a primary factor. If you don't have password management in place, it is recommended that your passwords be at least sixteen characters long, use at least three numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and symbols (! @ #).

Just like other IT areas, password management is not one size fits all. Talk with your IT company about the right password management for your business. 

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