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Digital Leaders: Are You One of Them?

  • Is your CEO a champion for digital?
  • Are your business and digital strategies well-communicated enterprise-wide?
  • Do you have a single, multi-year digital enterprise roadmap that includes business processes as well as digital and IT components?

These questions are some of the ones you'd have to answer a strong yes to in order to fit in amongst top performing businesses. The questions were part of PricewaterhouseCooper's "Digital IQ Survey." Through the survey, PwC's Chief Technologist uncovers what 2,000 business executives believe about IT and growth. The survey reveals how leaders across industries interact with technology for a competitive advantage and consistent revenue growth.

You can submit your answers to these and more through PwC's digital IQ benchmark. Here you can see how you rank among overall top performers, as well as your industry peers, in less than 10 minutes. This is also a helpful tool to know where to focus efforts moving forward. Pinpointing the exactly how you're falling behind top performers can highlight the areas that need more focus at your next strategy meeting.

One big takeaway? While most companies are working on streamlining existing business processes through digitization, leaders are looking at how to invest in tech in a way that would lead to bigger disruption. The former is vitally important, but the latter can create larger industry advantage. The survey found that most company leadership is pushing to revamp digital– shown by new or growing staff and changes in spending patterns– but many aren't reaching beyond their walls.

As a result of the survey, ten best practices were discovered to be sharedby top performers. We encourage you to take a look and see which ones align with your company's strategy. Among them are:

  • "The executives responsible for digital are involved in setting high level business strategy."
  • "The company actively engages with external sources to gather new ideas for applying emerging technologies."
  • "The company proactively evaluates and plans for security and privacy risks in digital enterprise projects."
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