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Cloud Hosting Announcement: Upgraded Security


You already know there is a world of hosting options. Most hosting services do nothing more than provide your website with space on a server. You have to navigate the complicated terrain of domain names and site management yourself. Like big name cloud hosting providers, we host websites and emails for businesses. The difference is that we actively manage every aspect of hosting and offer full-time support.

If you're currently being supported by InfoTech's Cloud Hosting services, you've already made the right decision. You're already enjoying enterprise-grade hosting backed by a global provider with the customer service of a local business. But why stop there? We're expanding our cloud-hosting services to provide you with even more support in the form of high-end security.

Upgraded Cloud Hosting Security for the Enterprise Plan

All three of our Cloud Hosting Packages already have tough security and effective monitoring built in. But we're going above and beyond in the new year with the addition of firewall protection and malware removal to our Enterprise Package.

Firewall Protection

A firewall acts as a filter between your information and unwanted Internet traffic. A proxy firewall–the kind we're implementing–prevents direct network contact with other systems. Traffic is routed through the proxy firewall first before hitting your site. Secure your websites and emails from malicious content by letting us configure and deploy the best firewall for your business.

Malware Scanning and Removal

Malicious software, or malware, is always roaming the Internet, looking for information to corrupt. We'll help you steer clear and get rid of malware by scanning regularly with an up to date, quality program.

Many big name hosting providers are not experts in security, nor do they emphasize the importance of preventative maintenance. We're playing a different game. One where you get full-service, managed hosting plus the confidence of a secure computing environment. Traditional firewalls aren't always going to protect you from the most sophisticated hackers, viruses, and worms prowling the Internet today. By signing up for our Enterprise Cloud Hosting Package, you'll get the necessary firewall protection. We make it easy to be sure you're conducting business in the most secure environment possible.

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