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Being a Tech Savvy Leader Could Save Your Company

Nicole Haggerty; On Becoming an IT Savvy CEO; Ivey Business Journal

As a leader in your company, you don't necessarily need to know how to store things in the cloud, but you should probably know why it's useful. You don't need to be able to perform the IT tasks critical for your company's survival, but you should be tech savvy enough to know what processes are in place and why.

You play a central role in making IT decisions. So it's imperative you understand the amount of value those decisions can create. One study found that firms with higher IT spending combined with IT savvy leaders achieved 20 percent greater margins than their competitors. The lowest IT spenders with leaders who weren't as concerned with IT functions earned 32 percent lower margins than their competitors. It's not hard to choose which side you want to be on.

In general, CEOs are embracing the wave of new technologies that will bring about better customer experiences as well as more efficient operations. However, we know the inner workings of technology don't appeal to everyone. That's why we're here to empower you in your everyday confrontation with your company's complex IT infrastructure. We take it upon ourselves to be sure that the leaders we work with are well informed as they make decisions and plan for future growth.

This helpful graphic asks what it means to be a thoughtful, tech savvy leader. Click the image to read the WSJ article it came from, "Four Questions Every CEO Should Ask About IT."

Stepping up to meet the challenges of our tech-centered world doesn't mean outsourcing IT to a reputable company then leaving them to do their work in a vacuum. It means accepting your invitation to the table and engaging in meaningful interactions with IT. By choosing to work with InfoTech, you're already taking the first step towards becoming a more tech savvy leader. We'll help you grow your wealth of knowledge about your network's functionality. We'll make sure you feel confident in your ability to invest appropriately in IT. And we'll stand beside you as you encourage others in your company to embrace collective innovation and responsibility around IT.

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