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Apps We Love


 Spark Workplace Productivity With Effective Apps

Two of our favorite apps for enterprises are Slack and Do. Clean and intuitive design makes these two products ideal for efficient workplace communication. Apps like these are innovative ways to work faster and smarter. They connect people to a shared digital venue for archived messages, files, meeting notes, and more.

Slack: For Integrated Messaging

We're not surprised Slack is growing in popularity. As a small team, we use it constantly. In essence, it is a communication app that integrates commonly used apps and tools in a clean digital set-up. All notifications are accessible within Slack's interface, and everything is archived to make for easy searches later. You can currently use the free version indefinitely with an unlimited amount of people. There are more advanced plans for a subscription price, which may be a good match for your team as well. We have been exceedingly happy with the way Slack consolidates email, chats, and file sharing for our business.

Do: For Better Meetings

Even as a small team, our meetings can easily degenerate into something less than productive. We'd be lying if we said they didn't. And we think most business teams can relate. Luckily, the folks at Do came through with an abundantly helpful app. Do keeps everyone up to speed on meeting notes and ensures that people follow through with their action items. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to set agendas, track follow-ups, and define outcomes. Do provides a space to be clear-cut about goals so meetings stay on track. Along with straightforward processes, Do's product offers a shared canvas for every meeting. All notes, presentations, and files can stay grouped together making for simplistic record keeping. Their basic plan is completely free for companies to use, and more advanced features are available via subscription.

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