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Adapting to a Mobile World


As a business of any size, there's a constant necessity to adapt. And in today's world, adaptation doesn't happen without implementation of mobile solutions. #3 on SMB Group's list of Top 10 Technology Trends for 2015 focuses on how SMBs are recalibrating strategy and spending for a mobile world.

The amount of mobile business apps used regularly in businesses with 20-99 employees increased 27% over the past year. And with the number of apps available for things like mobile payments, conferencing, timesheets, and file sharing, no one expects this trend to die down anytime soon. (See these lists for some of 2015's best business apps: CNN, Marketingland, Business News Daily)

It's no wonder more and more businesses are making choices with mobile in mind. Mobile apps and solutions streamline daily processes, increasing the efficiency and ease with which any procedure is done. If you're doing it right, using more mobile should simplify day-to-day functions (after a brief learning curve), and provide more points of connection between management, employees, and consumers. Those connections can be through things like file sharing and conferencing, connecting employees to documents and meetings whether they're in the office or not, or connecting consumers to information through an increased mobile marketing presence.

Two major tech stories this year focus on just that idea: connecting with consumers through mobile.

Earlier this spring, Google announced it would begin favoring sites that are mobile-friendly in search results on smartphones and tablets, and Bing followed suit. Websites that don't meet the criteria will be lower in the search results, making them less competitive than sites that have adapted to today's mobile standards.

Pinterest, too, is forging forward in the world of mobile with its new implementation of "buyable pins." By teaming up with retailers like Macy's and Nordstrom as well as local brands and smaller merchants, Pinterest is stocking millions of products that users can buy directly through the app or website using a credit card or Apple pay. This process allows buyers to click through a photo of an image they want to buy and purchase it without ever leaving Pinterest.

Google and Pinterest are two of the largest companies operating in the tech world today, but there is no denying the importance of mobile solutions for progressive businesses regardless of size. How are you going to adapt? What do your employees need to be able to streamline their monotonous processes? What do the world's mobile users need to become your clients or customers? While it is still being called a "tech trend," you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn't believe mobile solutions are here to stay. 

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