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5 Ways to Use Big Data for Small Businesses


Big data is a phrase used to describe a massive amount of information that is too large to process through standard database and software methods. Big data analytics, or the process of examining large and varied sets of data can recognize patterns and correlations that can give insights to assist in making appropriate business decisions and improve overall cost-effectiveness. The business world is a constant cycle of learning and adapting to become better. Here are a few ways you can use big data analytics to start improving your company:

1. Collect and Analyze Customer Calls
Customer calls are nothing to take lightly, as they are usually the first point of contact between you and the customer. Big data can be helpful in acquiring and tracking valuable information from each of these calls as well as discovering patterns that can be used to improve your company's customer service.

2. Offer Marketing Insights
Many businesses have wasted dollars on ineffective advertising because they failed in the customer research stage. Big data can create a successful targeted marketing campaign through the observation of customer behavior and dynamic trends within your market.

3. Implement Risk Management Processes
An appropriate big data analytics system can ensure that weaknesses and potential hazards like network security breaches are proactively identified. This technology can give businesses extensive statistics that can enhance the quality of risk management simulations.

4. Develop Products
Big data gives companies the opportunity to innovate and develop their products and services to more appropriately meet customer needs as they evolve. Using big data can maximize your company's value, giving you the opportunity to launch ahead of your competition.

5. Take Advantage of Social Media
Did you know you can use big data analytics tools to set up notifications whenever your company's name is mentioned online via your social media channels? You can also choose to be alerted whenever similar products, services, or industry-related keywords are mentioned. After you start tracking, you can then begin using these discussions as fuel to improve customer satisfaction.

With large amounts of data comes an abundance of value just waiting to be discovered! However, it's not how much data you have that's most significant; it's what your company does with it that matters most. Companies both big and small are using big data analytics to make strategic business moves that are propelling them forward faster than ever before. Will you join them?

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