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4 Ways to Improve Employee Efficiency with Technology


Technology has become an extremely valuable tool for companies big and small. Having the right technology for your specific business can significantly improve many aspects of your company and its culture, from employee productivity and communication to overall company morale. Consider the following things you can do to start improving your employees' efficiency at work:

1. Determine Your Technology Needs
First and foremost, you must figure out what your company needs. You don't want to leave the office wondering if you wasted time, money, and effort on something that wasn't the best fit for you. The choice to adopt new technology is an important decision and should be strategically thought out. Ask yourself and your staff questions like:

  • What would improve our efficiency and company performance?
  • Are we ahead of our competition or lagging behind?
  • Is our current technology getting the job done or are there serious issues impacting productivity?

Then, do your research. Do you need better project management software? Are you struggling with file management? Find the tools you believe would suit your company's specific needs the best and go from there.

2. Train, Educate, and Enable Your Employees
Technology can help solve your problems, but only if used properly. That's why it's important to ease into your new software and systems and not expect too much too soon. Forcing your employees to adapt to new technology within a short amount of time can cause severe stress, leading to the opposite of what you want - lower employee productivity. Make sure you communicate why you are switching to new technology and what your specific goals are to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

3. Adopt Internal Communication Tools
When your internal communication is excellent, it can carry over into communication with customers and external resources. Using an instant messaging system or video chat software, can greatly improve company-wide collaboration, teamwork, and overall communication.

4. Enable Remote Access
One of the keys to improving employee efficiency is making it possible for employees to access their work files from anywhere! So if duty calls when they aren't physically in the office or they're working remotely, they are still able to get the job done.

Workplace productivity affects all aspects of business from operational expenses, employee retention, and customer satisfaction, and workplace demands will only continue to grow. Fortunately, the right technology can help improve work life for all managers and employees. 

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