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4 Things You Should Know About Next-Generation Antivirus


Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV) is a cloud-based software that is taking antivirus programming to a whole new level of endpoint security protection. This innovative technology uses analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict and prevent security threats.

The Difference Between NGAV and Traditional AV
Both traditional AV and NGAV are designed to block file-based malware. However, modern attackers can easily sneak past traditional antivirus software using things like scripts, memory-based attacks, remote logins, macro-based attacks, PowerShell exploits, and non-file malware delivery.

The problem is that traditional AV only focuses on signature file-based threats, meaning that the software can only recognize "known" malware. Traditional AV cannot detect a threat if it hasn't introduced a new file to the system. NGAV, on the other hand, focuses on more than just files; it examines events including files, processes, applications, and network connections and analyzes how each action or stream of events is connected. Overall, next-generation antivirus can provide a variety of benefits to your company by:

1. Saving Time with Rapid Deployment
NGAVs can easily be used and managed from the cloud, which frees up space and time to use for other important business endeavors. Since Next-gen AV is a cloud-based solution, it only takes a few hours to implement and does not require on-site hardware.

2. Participating in Proactive Problem-Solving
Instead of reacting to a security breach, NGAV proactively protects against new malware attacks by collecting comprehensive information about potential malware behavior. It recognizes and documents suspicious activity and takes a one step ahead approach toward addressing the potential malware and preventing it from causing damage.

3. Working on Your Team's Behalf
NGAV can integrate with your existing SIEMs without making things complicated for your IT team. This software also makes it easier to manage incidents by grouping attacks together and sending a single alert that provides the entire rundown of the attack. This way, your team can quickly identify the source and work to fix the issue.

3. Using Behavior-Based Technology
NGAV looks at the whole picture rather than just a single isolated incident. By using context and behavior analysis over time, NGAV can offer improved endpoint detection, enhanced response capabilities, and a larger arsenal of preventative methods.

Security software is always evolving. Are you ready to move to say goodbye to the traditional and embrace the future? At InfoTech, we're dedicated to redefining business IT using the latest and greatest technology like next-generation AV. Contact us today by calling 309-808-6277 or send us a message online!
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