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3 Ways We Will Help You Innovate This Year: Part Three


Focus on Iteration

Innovation, as you well know, doesn't happen overnight. And at times, it may even need to be put on pause while working through an iteration stage. Before your company can say, "We've completely changed the way we do _________," you may need to say, "We are working on completely changing the way we do __________."

There are a lot of think pieces out there pinning iteration against innovation. Bloggers love to lash out against Apple for not creating anything really new in years. What's going on when one of the world's most innovative tech companies isn't innovating? They're iterating. And we think that's just as important. So does Fast Company:

"…the underestimated—and equally important—power behind Apple's dominance is the foundational behaviors that lead to that game-changing breakthrough. Creating a charismatic brand is not about striving for the breakthrough, the novelty, or the headline. It's often about the obsession, persistence, and focus to keep things simple, improve the details, and continue making technology a more seamless extension of ourselves."

We can apply this to our work as an outsourced IT service, and we do regularly. Our job isn't just to come up with a new plan to completely restructure your network. Our job is to build and iterate. We build on what exists, make changes as necessary, and check in on those changes. We don't solve complex issues by creating something complex. Instead we make continuous improvements, with a dedicated focus on simplicity, stabilization, and refinement.

So, Let's Recap

We want to meet you and innovate with you. We love the challenge of following a set of needs-based guidelines to create a unique solution. This three part series has been an honest look at how we'll help you innovate:

1) Front-end Idea Generation
Align business goals with tech processes.

2) Communication Across Enterprises
Use our experience working in various markets and with various vendors as a valuable source of insight.

3) Focus on Iteration
Proactively build and rebuild to find what works.

If this sounds good to you, don't hesitate to reach out to us and start a conversation. We're ready to jump in on the front-end.

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