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3 Ways We Will Help You Innovate This Year: Part One


Front-End Idea Generation

No two clients have the exact same goals. Our first step with any client is to understand their unique vision. We'll sit down with you to learn where your company has been and where it's headed. We want to know about your short-term objectives and long-term goals. This "first date" kind of process isn't just so we feel more comfortable the next time our phone alerts us of an email from you. It's so we can help you align IT investments with strategy. Once we fully understand your goals and plans to achieve them, we can help innovate the best and most practical IT approach.

The architecture of an enterprise encompasses multiple realms. But the base of an enterprise architect's pyramid is technology. That's because linking a company's mission to its IT strategy is the best thing you can do for the future of the company. As an outsourced IT team, we often act as stand-in enterprise architects. We develop a holistic approach to IT that is most practical for a company's present and future.

In Fortune's work with innovation leaders, they've discovered that "the front-end of the innovation process-the exploration and idea creation phase- is a critical differentiator between great innovators and the merely good." The best innovators develop break-through ideas in the very beginning through careful critique of the likelihood of each individual idea. Only the highest quality ideas move to refinement. That's why we want to be there on the front end. We'll learn about your mission, identify IT problems, and then work with business leaders to generate the most effective solutions.

On the front-end, we can:

  • Protect cost efficiency by identifying where redundancy is necessary and where it's not.
  • Align business goals with tech processes. Then we can weigh those processes against tech standards, licensing laws, and existing network architecture to find equilibrium.
  • Work towards adaptive solutions from the beginning, not 6 months down the road when company decision-making hits a crossroads.
  • Identify opportunity while reducing complexity.

Innovation begins at the beginning with strategic alignment. We're ready to be a part of your front-end idea generation team this year.

Stay tuned for our next installment of "3 Ways We Will Help You Innovate This Year." 

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