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3 Ways to Help Prevent Email Attacks


 Many cyber attacks are propagated through email; it's one of the easiest ways to spread to multiple computers. The majority of these emails tend to be spoofing or phishing attacks when attackers try to steal information such as your name, bank accounts, phone numbers, and other private data.

Current scams have become more sophisticated, so much so that it can sometimes look like someone you know is emailing you. However, in reality, it's a web bot or some other attacker. Follow these computer safety tips to prevent viral attacks from compromising your computer:

1. Think before you click.

Simply take a moment to think about emails before opening them. If you receive an email from an unknown sender with an irrelevant subject, it's best to send it straight to the trash. If you do happen to open one of these, do not download or click on anything in the email. Sometimes a quick click can be the only thing standing between you and a harmful virus.

2. Only submit your email to secured websites.

Never enter your email into a site that is not encrypted. Once the site has a hold of your email, they can start sending viruses and malware your way. You can tell if the website is secure if it has an SSL certificate, indicated by a green lock and the word "secure" on the left side of the URL.

3. Install anti-virus and anti-malware programs.

Although you may be taking all the necessary computer safety precautions, your computer can still potentially contract a virus or be vulnerable to malware. Research reputable anti-virus and anti-malware software to find the best protective option for you. Consider using AV-Test, an organization that evaluates and ranks antivirus and security software by operating system.

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