Jimmy Huber, President, and Founder

Jimmy Huber Headshot

Twitter: @jimmilyhubes

Jimmy Huber is the CEO of Infotech. With an Associate in Applied Science, Jimmy started working in internal IT and consultant roles right out of college. In 2006 he started ACPC Repair, which provided consumer support. Following this, he incorporated InfoTech in 2012, and they provide business to business support and MSP services.

In high school, Jimmy joined the student IT staff, where he discovered his passion for problem-solving and the simplicity of technology. Jimmy finds helping people through technology very fulfilling and rewarding.

The culture at InfoTech is something he is very proud of because it is all about serving others – internally and externally. Everyone within the company is allowed to fail and is empowered to learn, grow, and support each other. High levels of communication and feedback make InfoTech such a great place to work.

Outside of work, Jimmy, his wife, and his four kids live in rural Carlock on a farm with his wife’s grandparents. They have four alpacas, 24 chickens, thousands of honeybees, and one large Bernedoodle dog, which make up Huber Homestead. Jimmy also manages a rural WISP, SSL Wireless, serving residents of north Carlock with high-speed, fixed wireless internet. You can also catch Jimmy cheering on the Cubs and the Packers!

Brian Farney, Vice President

Brian Farney Headshot

Twitter: @yenraf

Brian Farney’s passion for technology began in 3rd grade when his dad made basic fixes on old computers and then took them to the Dominican Republic for missionaries to use. From that moment on, Brian knew he wanted to work with computers and has memories of helping teachers with their computer issues from a very young age. The excitement of helping people with their technology is the reason Brian enjoys working at InfoTech so much as the Vice President.

Brian’s always been frustrated with other IT departments he has worked in because they were focused on the technology, not helping people. Once he started working at InfoTech, he was unleashed to help others and has been hooked ever since. Brian and his wife live on a family farm in Morton with several farm cats and one dog. They met at Elevate Church and were married in 2016. Elevate has made a huge impact on their lives, and they love serving within their church. In his spare time, Brian enjoys board games, video games, and pinball. Learning and reading about technology and leadership is another activity he enjoys, and it keeps him on top of his technological game.

Brandon Gipp

Brandon Headshot

Brandon Gipp has always been fascinated by computers and all other technology. This fascination led Brandon to receive a Bachelor of Enterprise Computing. He has over six years of professional IT experience, which began when he was a student at Illinois State University. This job is where Brandon found his passion for helping people with their technological issues. For the last two years, Brandon has been at Infotech as a helpdesk administrator and still feels excited to come into work every day. Brandon describes the environment at Infotech as one that encourages not just the growth of the company, but the growth of your personal skill set. Having great co-workers who have your back make working at Infotech even better. Brandon lives in Fairbury, IL, with his wife and four kids who are the pride of his life. Besides spending time with his family, Brandon also enjoys playing video games and keeping up with all things IT!

Hayden Bruns

Hayden Headshot

Hayden Bruns is an East Peoria native. He has worked in retail and at a golf course previously, and now he is a field engineer at Infotech. When learning about the job opening, he was intrigued by this new opportunity and wanted to learn more about technology while helping others. Hayden finds going into work every day exciting because his co-workers also genuinely care about helping others and are willing to help each other at any given time. When he’s not at work, Hayden spends his time playing video games and spending time with his friends. Hayden also serves at Elevate Church in Morton by volunteering in kids’ ministry.

Jason McKinley

Jason Headshot

Jason McKinley has been working at Infotech for three years. He has always had a knack for troubleshooting issues with technology of any sort. Before working at Infotech, he was in the foodservice industry and helped people with their technology as a hobby. Turning his hobby into a career at Infotech was an opportunity he could not pass up. The culture and atmosphere of Infotech make Jason feel like he doesn’t go to work but goes to a place where he can do what he loves with people who are similarly minded and all on the same team. Jason lives in Morton with his wife and three kids. His hobbies include serving at church, video games, drumming, and music production/mixing.

Brayden Brekke

Brayden Headshot

Brayden Brekke has been obsessed with computers ever since he’s had access to one. During high school, Brayden spent his free time developing applications and fixing any hardware problems his peers encountered. He joined the InfoTech team as an internal developer and is currently working towards a degree in computer science. He’s also acquired experience with data entry and website design. Brayden grew up in Normal, IL and is currently living in Morton. Outside of work, his hobbies include spending time at his church, programming, soldering circuitry, building computers, and fishing. Brayden loves working at InfoTech because it’s an environment of people who see each other for their values and talents. He feels he is given the tools and training he needs to become a strong and knowledgeable employee.